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Cool California Hiking images


Some cool california hiking images:

The Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk
california hiking
Image by Stuck in Customs
Daily Photo – The Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk
I had spent the previous night up in Napa, visiting my mom and grandmother. This was a long day with a stop in Petaluma to see Leo’s operation, a fast hike through the Muir Woods, and then a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge to catch its majesty at sunset.

I’m sure locals know this spot very well, but I found it thanks to Google Earth. I knew it would be a cool spot, but driving to these spots is always a bit sketchy when you have never been there before. It appeared to be a simple jog off Highway 1, and it actually was. It’s nice when something that looks easy ends up actually being easy! This isn’t usually the case. Even better, the wind wasn’t howling a mile a minute, which I think can happen around here if you don’t watch out!

After I took this, I could hardly wait to get back home to process the final image. I don’t know about y’all, but I find the post-processing just as fun as the actual shooting… I really get a kick out of it!

New Free Video Coming Soon
Tonight I edited together another video about how I took a photo in New Zealand. I’ll get it uploaded soon to share with everyone! In the meantime, you can check out others in the Video section of the website.

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Just in time to see the sun
california hiking
Image by PeterThoeny
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Yesterday I joined a fun a photowalk on beautiful Mt. Tamalpais near Mill Valley, north of San Francisco. We were a big group, disbursed on several hills around the mountain. I snapped Thomas Hawk walking on a path with a camera in his hand.

Does anybody recognize the title?

I processed a balanced HDR photo from three RAW exposures. I had to de-ghost Thomas in motion because he moved between the bracketed exposures.

— © Peter Thoeny, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, HDR, 3 RAW exposures, NEX-6, _DSC7172_3_4_hdr3bal1e

In Search for Big Foot
california hiking
Image by Christian Arballo
All I found was a Mountain Lion, oh well, next time.

10 Sec
ISO 200

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