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Hanging Out at Potato Chip Rock – Mt. Woodson, Poway, California
california hiking
Image by Sam Antonio Photography
Last March I went hiking with my nephew and his roommate to summit Mt. Woodson in order to get a photo op on a local landmark called “Potato Chip Rock.” It is a thin slab of rock that juts out and looks like it could break at any moment. Amazingly, we made the steep four-mile hike uphill to the summit in about an hour and that was with a ten-minute break!

In the end, I never did get that photo op of myself on Potato Chip Rock since there was a long line (next time I should apply for a fast pass), besides after photographing Angkor Wat in Cambodia everything else pales in comparison. I did get a chance to photograph other people on the rock like this rock climber. No, he isn’t falling; he was just playing around for the cameras.

Check back for more of my photographs around my hometown of San Diego! Two more photos in the comment section.

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Text and photo copyright by ©Sam Antonio Photography 2013

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Moonrise San Francisco Bay
california hiking
Image by Don McCullough
The full moon rises over Berkeley and Alcatraz yesterday evening during the blue hour There is something special about seeing the moon rise over the Bay Area hills. This evening was cool and clear and lovely.

I used The Photographer’s Ephemeris App to figure out just the right time and place for this moon rise be hid the GGB. Even with the App, I still had to hike down a long way from Hawk’s Hill and then back up after dark, but it was worth it.

These long moon rise shots are another reason I love my 100-400 mm lens

You leave me dry
california hiking
Image by PeterThoeny
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In summer we hiked up to Mission Peak from Fremont, California. This is near the top; very dry land. Hang gliders take off from the hill in the far left.

I processed three RAW exposures into a paintery HDR photo.

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— © Peter Thoeny, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, HDR, 1 RAW exposure, NEX-6, _DSC2208_9_0_hdr3pai2c