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Hermit Trail – looking north from Breezy Point
colorado backpacking
Image by Al_HikesAZ
We backpacked from Hermit’s Rest Trailhead down Hermit Trail to the Tonto Trail to Hermit Creek to Hermit Rapids and camped on the beach at the Colorado River. Great companions, perfect weather, magnificent hike. 18 miles roundtrip 5,000 Accumulated Elevation Gain (loss)

This is the view to the north from Breezy Point. Just south of Cathedral Stairs and north of Santa Maria Spring. A great place to stop for lunch. If I have misidentified the Temples or Tower, corrections will be gratefully accepted.

Full details in my triplog:
I now have new found tastes for Bacanora and cecina 🙂

colorado backpacking
Image by John L