Danner Boots Men’s Brown 37470 Waterproof Roughhouse Mountain Hiking Boots


Danner Boots Men’s Brown 37470 Waterproof Roughhouse Mountain Hiking Boots

Whatever you call it – roughhousing, horseplay, scuffling, tussling, or hard work – you need the right work boots. For waterproof, durable men’s footwear, choose these Danner Men’s 37470 Brown 7 Inch Waterproof Roughhouse Mountain Boots.Danner made these men’s boots specifically for working men with rough, messy jobs. To keep you stable, these brown boots each have a wide platform. Wider soles mean more contact with the ground. Danner calls their sole design the TERRA FORCE X2 platform. It’s lightweight and cushioning, yet gives you the support you need. In addition, Danner Defiance outsoles are designed to give you stability over rugged terrain, and they’re oil- and slip-resistant.Working men can walk as lightly as a ballerina though – but only if their work boots are comfortable. Danner gave these waterproof boots cushioning, polyurethane footbeds. Below them, polyurethane midsoles (the layer between the outsoles and insoles) provide shock-absorption. With each step, the midsoles absorb and redistribute the energy of impact.On wet days, you’ll love that the leather and Nubuck or suede combination uppers of these 7-inch leather boots are waterproof. With their brown, deep caramel and black styling, these slip-resistant boots keep their looks naturally by resisting water, oil, and abrasions. The leather is also given a waterproof treatment to make them even more resistant. But for full waterproof excellence and breathability, you can’t beat Gore-Tex. These are fully lined with Gore-Tex to give you years of dry feet.Nylon shanks prevent these Danner boots from breaking in a place that causes you pain. Shanks are rectangles of hard nylon that are oriented parallel to your feet. With each step, shanks force your Danner footwear to break appropriately, making them more comfortable.Molded rubber heel counters lock your feet into place. The counters keep your heels in place so that your heels don’t slip and your ankles stay stable. To protect the parts of your abrasion-resistant boots that get the most wear and tear (and scuffing), Danner gave these Roughhouse boots abrasion-resistant toe and heel caps. Under the black toe caps, reinforced toe boxes prevent the leather footwear from squishing in and pinching your feet. It gives you the room your toes need to move and feel comfortable on the job.If you find yourself having to dance through the snow in the wintertime, you can still rely on these hikers to protect you. They’ve got built-in gaiter clips for protection against the snow. Just slip gaiters on over your work pants and clip them to your waterproof shoes to easily provide extra warmth and waterproofing.Ballerinas have to replace their slippers every few months – those are just flimsy and unreliable. Aren’t you glad your job doesn’t require you to wear pink satin? Choose quality leather and tough outsoles for a lifetime of wear. Buy Danner Men’s Brown 37470 Roughhouse Mountain Waterproof Hiking Boots and invest in years of durability and comfort. Sizes Available: D: 7-12,13,14 I 2E: 8-12,13

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