El Capitan and Guadalupe Mountains National Park


A few nice texas hiking images I found:

El Capitan and Guadalupe Mountains National Park
texas hiking
Image by thor_mark 
A roadside stop heading north to hike later that morning. This was on Texas State Highway 54. I decided to zoom into the main peak of El Capitan but still add a few other nearby peaks to the image. Kind of a panoramic view of these majestic peaks I’d spend a day savoring. With the early morning sun coming across the horizon, it brought out many colors in both light and shadows to add to the final image. Only in post production did I notice that one red light in the lower portion right. With the wide open spaces of the high plains desert, I felt it also added to the image.

texas hiking
Image by traxus4420

Ramsey Cascades Hike
texas hiking
Image by mikerhicks
Great Smoky Mountain National Park – Ramsey Cascades Hike
Nashville Hiking Meetup
September 10, 2011