Freya Castle & Colorado River – Grand Canyon North Rim


A few nice colorado backpacking images I found:

Freya Castle & Colorado River – Grand Canyon North Rim
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Image by Al_HikesAZ
This is Freya Castle (7,299 feet (2,225 m) at the summit) and the Colorado River from Cape Royal.

“A glimpse of the river from the North Bank is uncommon compared to views from the South Rim. The Kaibab Plateau, through which the canyon cuts, dips gently to the south. The North Rim is therefore higher than the South Rim by about 1,000 feet (300m), allowing it to capture more precipitation. The plateau’s southward dip guides the North Rim’s runoff toward the canyon, not away, as on the South Rim. Therefore, the northern side of the river has eroded more, and the North Rim has receded farther from the river, making views of the Colorado from the North Rim rarer.” Gary Ladd “Grand Canyon – Views Beyond the Beauty” page 68

Freya was the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magic in Norse mythology. She wore a cloak of feathers which allowed her to change into a falcon. She had a chariot pulled by two cats, and she had a wild boar, which was actually her human lover in disguise. When she wore her enchanted necklace (the Brisingamen), which she obtained by sleeping with the four dwarves who made it, she was irresistible to men. The souls of half of all warriors killed in battle go to her beautiful palace, Folkvang, where they are joined by their wives and lovers. Source Wiki Definitions

I spent a long weekend hiking, backpacking and camping on the North Rim and down the North Kaibab Trail.

Lee’s Ferry – view up river from start of Spencer Trail
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Image by Al_HikesAZ
This is the view looking southeast from near the boat ramp and the start of the Spencer Trail at Lee’s Ferry Arizona.

The early Mormon pioneer – John Doyle Lee established the ferry crossing increasing settlement in Arizona. The Lees Ferry Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is managed by the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Lee’s Ferry provided the crossing of the Colorado River until 1929 when the original Navajo Bridge was built

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