Good Morning, Pangong


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Good Morning, Pangong
Camping Out
Image by Nilanjan Sasmal
These are fully equipped tents with attached toilet, good weather sealing, decent bed with heavy blanket, a small sit out. But strong cold wind from lake, low oxygen – can make nights miserable. Some of us never wished morning sun so strongly before

Students camp out for season hockey tickets
Camping Out
Image by University of Denver
It’s a tradition for students to camp outside the Ritchie Center box office the night before season hockey tickets go on sale. Student season tickets often sell out so it pays to be prepared. Photo taken by Justin Edmonds.

The colours of midnight
Camping Out
Image by gjnairn
Camping out under the stars – Coolendel, NSW.

Nikon D50, Nikkor 18-200mm lens @ 24mm. 30 seconds , f/4, ISO 400. Cropped