Hi-Tec Boots Men’s Brown Ocala Waterproof Hiking Boots 40784


Hi-Tec Boots Men’s Brown Ocala Waterproof Hiking Boots 40784

Ideally, your outdoor endeavors would always be fun, grand adventures. Unfortunately, a pair of bad hiking boots can ruin the whole trip with sore and wet feet. To make your hiking dreams come true, you need Hi-Tec 40784 Ocala Waterproof Men’s Brown and Gold Hiking Boots.Your feet will stay warm, dry, and comfortable with moisture prevention from inside and out when you wear these Ocala boots. The suede and mesh upper parts of these Hi-Tec boots are waterproof to keep all of the rain and mud out. For additional protection from moisture, there is a waterproof membrane. Sweat is unavoidable during a long hike on a hot day, so the moisture wicking lining pulls perspiration away from your feet. To avoid the inevitable rusty metals from damp terrain, the waterproof boot’s metal hardware is rustproof. Comfort is also essential during your long treks, be they for work or pleasure. These Hi-Tec hiking boots feature a removable, contoured compression-molded EVA footbed to cushion your feet. The padded collar fits comfortably around your ankle while keeping dirt, leaves, and nature’s other debris out of your waterproof boots. A durable, steel shank supports the arch of your feet. The lightweight EVA midsole doesn’t cost you additional energy by weighing down your feet, but it still cushions each and every one of your steps. Slips are common in the outdoors, so the durable MDT rubber outsole gives you additional traction to prevent them.Don’t allow yourself to be disappointed anymore. Let your next hike be a perfect one with Hi-Tec 40784 Ocala WP Men’s Brown and Gold Hiking Boots.Manufactured Sizes: M 7-12, 13, 14, 15, 16 I W 7-12, 13, 14, 15

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