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life defying the river at Pipe Creek – Grand Canyon


Some cool colorado backpacking images:

life defying the river at Pipe Creek – Grand Canyon
colorado backpacking
Image by Al_HikesAZ
This little plant growing like this intrigued me. It will be swept away one day, but presently defies the River 🙂

I backpacked down the Bright Angel Trail to meet up with the Arizona Raft Adventures AZRA trip at Pipe Creek Beach (RM 88). That is Zoroaster Temple on the skyline and Phantom Ranch beach across the Colorado River. Approximately 5,000,000 people will visit the Grand Canyon in any year but fewer than 50,000 will make it to Phantom Ranch.

Grand Canyon National Park: Colorado River Below Phantom Ranch
colorado backpacking
Image by Grand Canyon NPS
(10,000 x 2608) Looking up the muddy Colorado River from the River Trail towards the Silver and Black Bridges and Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon National Park

The Phantom Ranch area is unique, a last vestige of riparian habitat in Arizona. It also boasts a long history of human occupation. In some ways it has remained remarkably unchanged—still remote, still accessible only by foot, mule, or river. But it is a dynamic environment. Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Campground, like the rest of the park, are under tremendous pressure from public use. Demand for use far exceeds the carrying capacity of the fragile desert and riparian environments. NPS Photo by Michael Quinn.

To spend the night in a Phantom Ranch dormitory or cabin an advanced reservation with Xanterra Parks & Resorts is required ml

To camp at Bright Angel Campground you must obtain a backcountry permit from the National Park Service ry-permit.htm

National Park Service rangers at Phantom Ranch, challenged to provide for the enjoyment of the visitor and the ecosystem around you, have embraced numerous strategies. You also play an important role. Do your part. Stay on trails. Don’t feed the animals. Carry out your trash.

Historic photos of the Ranch may be found here

Colorful lichen
colorado backpacking
Image by JustTooLazy
Dallas Sierra Club July 4th 2011 Bus Trip to South San Juan Wilderness in South Central Colorado – Trip 4 backpacking group.