Msr Dragonfly Backpacking Stove


Msr Dragonfly Backpacking Stove

The Dragonfly stove takes precision-simmering performance and puts it in a chassis that`s built to handle a variety of fuels and the frequent use dished-out by global vagabonds. Tough and stable it also excels in institutional and guide service settings easily handling pots up to 10″ in diameter. Its dual-valve design delivers the flame control you need for simmering sauces and goes from zero to searing at the twist of a knob for melting snow and brewing-up fast.Fuel bottle not included.FEATURES: Unrivaled Flame Control Extra Wide Pot Supports Multi-Fuel Compact Efficient Field Maintainable Made in USAUnrivaled Flame ControlWe pioneered the dual-valve design of the Dragonfly stove enabling it to deliver precision simmer-to-boil control.Extra Wide Pot SupportsWide pot supports hold up to 10″ maximum diameter pots or fry pans for group cooking.Multi-FuelBurns white gas kerosene u

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Price: $ 139.95

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