Nice California Backpacking photos


Some cool california backpacking images:

Trinity Lake
california backpacking
Image by Beyond the Trail
View of Trinity Lake taken from along Monument Peak Ridge. (Directly down below — not shown — is Upper Rush Creek Lake — it was mostly frozen over when this was taken — May 21, 2014.)

Back in the early ’90s two of my long-time friends (Bill & Eleanor) were camped at Upper Rush Creek Lake and climbed that jagged ridge to get a view of Trinity Lake — we climbed via one of its low-point chutes. I took 8mm video of the climb which didn’t digitize well — going to try and re-digitize footage from the old tape later. But below is a link to a digitized still (from the 1992 trip) — photo was taken from notch in the ridge — the one center left, I believe.



Backpacking2007BEJ_ 25.JPG
california backpacking
Image by BryceEJohnson

37 Bob at Royce
california backpacking
Image by knavecruz