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Backpacking – Cloud’s Rest ’09
Yosemite camping
Image by ames sf

In the shadows.
Yosemite camping
Image by Joe Dsilva
Another summer begins, well at least with weather, it’s been baking hot this weekend, that we had to postpone our soccer matches by an hour to escape the heat. And it was only couple of weeks back I was playing with my base layers on.

It signifies the begining of another outdoor season, time to hit the trails, get more tan, shed those winter pounds, sweat and stink. Another year to renew the vows of masochistic rites of passage. Time to harden up the callous.

So here’s to the concluding backpack from last year, none other than the famous vogelsang lake treasured in the vast landscapes of Yosemite. 22 miles of treading the trails and solitutde thanks to the fact that the high sierra camp was already dismanteled for winter.

Stole the last rays of setting sun as it lit up the mountains. In a matter of minutes the entire light just disappeared. It will be dark and cold soon. We are in bear country.

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Abandoned Cabin @ Yosemite
Yosemite camping
Image by Photographing Travis
Yosemite is such a majestic place. Whether climbing Half Dome, camping, having lunch at the Ahwahnee Dining Room, or discovering an abandoned cabin, Yosemite is place that anyone can find something enjoyable.