Mountainsmith dog pack

Popular Dog Backpacks

Dog Backpacks


What is a Dog Backpack?

Dog backpacks are fun and practical hiking accessories for your dog that will add quite a great deal of versatility as well as ease to both hiking and camping trips. These backpacks fit dogs perfectly and provide extra support. The backpack’s harness to your dog and the best ones have better storage and uniform weight distribution.

The backpacks are safe for dogs and will not cause any hip or back pain, provided the dog does not carry more than 25% of their total body weight. But in the case of old dogs and puppies, 15% of their body weight is the maximum limit. It would be safer to carry light weight items such as food dishes, leashes and collapsible water, rather than heavy items or equipment.

The larger dog backpacks work well on the larger breeds of sport & work dogs like Siberian Huskies, Rottweilers, Labrador Retrievers, Portuguese Water dogs and Newfoundlands. They are perfectly safe for these breeds and many others.

Dog trainers highly recommend that your dog wears a backpack to carry supplies when camping or even taking a walk. This is because they will focus on their tasks of carrying the supplies, so as to walk better and exercise as well.

Popular Dog backpacks

Mountainsmith dog packThe Mountainsmith dog pack

These are adjustable dog packs that are used for holding gear for hikers. They have independently adjustable fleece lined chest harness, their side pockets are zippered with an internal pocket, zippered side pockets and a D-ring that is a point of attachment for leash. They come in large, medium and small sizes. It is recommended for Cocker Spaniel, St. Bernard, Terriers, Great Pyrenees, the Golden and Labrador Retrievers breeds.


Granite Gear Long Howl Dog PackGranite Gear Long Howl Dog Pack

It is designed for the hiking long howl. Its padded harness entirely wraps around the dog to prevent webbing and fit is secure and adjustable making pack firm. The interior is stretch woven nylon to ensure a wrinkle-free smooth surface. Its saddle bags can also be removed during breaks while the harness can be left on. The harness/windbreaker provide insulation for the dog during cold conditions. Its water resistant zipper does not require a zipper flap while the harness are particularly shaped so that they don’t interfere with the dog’s normal movements and natural gait.


Ruffwear Approach Dog BackpackRuffwear Approach Dog Backpack

It is designed to ensure excellent performance and functionality. The pack is ideal for hiking and camping. It has a padded assistance handle with loading stash pockets at the top. Its lightweight and padding keeps the dog comfortable. However, it is recommended that the dog does not carry weight that exceeds 25% of its body weight.


Dog Backpack Saddle Gear Bag Easy Fit for DogsDog Backpack Saddle Gear Bag Easy Fit for Dogs

This is a backpack that comes with a pair of saddlebags that rest comfortably on the dog’s back. Its lightweight ensures comfort and a breathable back panel for eliminating chaffing and hot spots. Also has large zippered pockets on the side and an integrated ring for attaching the leash. It is designed for 40-90 pounds dogs, with a girth of about 34 inches.


Granite Gear Alpha Dog PackGranite Gear Alpha Dog Pack

It is an advanced backpack that is entirely padded in the most essential places to ensure the dog carries the load comfortably, maintaining normal movements. The interior zipper pockets, which are on both sides, help in organization. Comes with a handle on the top and ensures safety from its reflective visibility.


Ruffwear Palisades PackRuffwear Palisades Pack

This is a wonderful dog backpack with removable saddlebags, a load-compression mechanism, and 2 collapsible water bottles. It also comes with a harness chassis to ensure load stability as well as even weight distribution. However, the dog must not carry more than 25% of its body weight in the backpack.



Hope this was helpful in summarizing what dog backpacks are available – so go ahead and get the right dog backpack and enjoy your next hike with your dog with the features that come along with the various designs.