Pup Science Khaki RANGER – Dog Backpack Hiking Harness for Medium and Large Dogs

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Pup Science Khaki RANGER – Dog Backpack Hiking Harness for Medium and Large Dogs

$ 14.37

  • KEEP POOP SEPARATE FROM FOOD AND WATER – With 4 compartments you won’t have to put your dog’s moist, steaming, poop (blech!) next to their food, water or your cell phone and car keys.
  • ADJUSTABLE ON BOTH SIDES – Our 3 point locking system molds the backpack to your pup’s shape for a custom fit.
  • PULL ZIPPER WITH ONE HAND – You’re holding your phone in one hand and your leash in the other, juggling a bag of fresh dog poop and now you can’t even find or grab the zipper?? We hate that too! That’s why we made large zipper pulls that you can pull with one hand or with gloves on.
  • NO DANGEROUS EXTRA STRAPS – You spoke and we listened. Unlike other companies, our adjustable pack straps can now be tucked away with elastic keepers. No more straps that could wrap around your dog’s legs and crash them to the ground, no more straps that could get caught and choke your dog between the ribs. They won’t change their production lines to save your dog, but we will!
  • MATCHES YOUR PEOPLE STUFF – Do you ever wonder why they make dog stuff so ugly? All those bright reds and greens that your dog can’t even see because they’re color blind. We’ve finally made a dog backpack with a traditional vintage look that fits in at the dog park, in the city or in the woods.

IMPORTANT: This backpack fits medium to large breeds the best. Your dog must have a girth of 22 in – 35 in for this bag to fit. Also, If your dog is a very hyper or a strong puller, ATTACH THEIR LEASH TO THEIR COLLAR, not the harness. FEATURES: -Low profile, not oversize so it doesn’t strain your dog’s spine -Not too big, not too small, ample storage for things you need, but not so big things are sloshing around in the compartment – Not two pockets like most backpacks, but FOUR pockets to
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