Ranger Boots Men’s Waterproof CliffHiker RH103 Slip Resistant Hiking Boots


Ranger Boots Men’s Waterproof CliffHiker RH103 Slip Resistant Hiking Boots

If life were all work, what’s the point? Every day needs a little play time, just like every design needs a little bit of life. Make your every day a little brighter and more playful with these Ranger RH103 Brown Waterproof Men’s Hiking Boots. They’re so comfortable you’ll want to wear them even when you aren’t working, and the colorful design helps you show your playful side.Made with an athletic style in rich brown, these ankle-high hiking boots are detailed with vivid orange. The bright color keeps the style fun. The design of these Ranger boots keeps the style comfortable and durable. These waterproof boots are crafted from full-grain leather, stuff that’s so good even today’s modern technology can’t improve upon it. People have been wearing a version of full-grain leather for centuries – that’s how good it is. It’s durable, yet soft to the touch. It’s resistant to wind and water, yet flexible around your feet. Waterproof booties line the inside of these Cliffhiker boots to fully block moisture and keep your skin nice and dry. The thin booties are completely moisture-resistant. Even the gusset tongue is made to protect you from water. It’s wide, to keep moisture from seeping in around the lacing area. Steel eyelets firmly keep the laces in place when you wear these Ranger boots.Remove the comfort insoles any time and give them a cleaning. This helps you control odor, but put the insoles of these slip-resistant boots back in to control your comfort. They’re made to soften your stride and keep you comfortable through every rough workday. Soft EVA foam in the midsole layer adds more lightweight shock-resistance. The waterproof shell bottom is crafted from hand-laid rubber or injection-molded TPR. Either way, you get a supportive foundation made of firm, bouncy material. The waterproof bottoms help you rebound from every step. Rubber toe guards extend up the leather to protect the front of your work boots from scuffs. Take the non-marking outsoles anywhere. They’re made with a slip-resistant tread to keep your steps firm. Ranger RH103 Brown Waterproof Men’s Hiking Boots have a playful look, but they’re very serious about keeping your feet safe during the workday. They’re athletic and comfortable, tough and protective, stylish and work-friendly. Does that about cover it? Manufactured sizes include: 7-12, 13, 14

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Price: $ 73.27

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