Wolverine Boots Men’s Fulton Soft Toe Hiking Boots 5107


Wolverine Boots Men’s Fulton Soft Toe Hiking Boots 5107

Wear them at work, outside in the yard or out in the garage, these Wolverine Hiking Boots will support, stabilize and soften every step. With well-developed design specific to the Wolverine Men’s Fulton Soft Toe Hiking Boots 5107, these Wolverine Hiking Boots will outfit you for whatever lies on the trail ahead. The Wolverine men’s hiking boots 5107 include stylish suede and comfortable mesh combination in its upper, which is breathable and sturdy so you can trek around in them all day and they’ll still fit great until the very end. This quality material will stay looking great in all different conditions. And to keep your comfort level high, the PK mesh lining inside the Fulton boots moves moisture quickly in and out of the shoe away from your skin. The dry, cool environments make your feet happy as well as your nose by reducing odor-causing bacteria. And from the standpoint of construction of these Wolverine boots, lightweight and very strong plastic shanks are utilized to support your arches while enhancing torsional rigidity for optimal performance. And looking to the foundation of this support, Wolverine Cement Construction firmly attaches this outstanding foot chamber to high quality rubber soles. This method adds flexibility to the hiking boots and their oil and slip resistant bottoms, ensuring you maintain your balance and freedom of movement throughout your adventures, either on the job, or the moutainside when you’re in these Wolverine hikers. This Wolverine Hiking Boot design is great for use anywhere you go or anything you’re doing. Order the Wolverine Men’s Fulton Soft Toe Hiking Boots 5107 today so you can start enjoying all that it has to offer. Manufactured Sizes: Medium 7-12,13,14 | Extra Wide 7-12,13

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Price: $ 72.00

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